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An in-office TED all about fiction

I’m not usually into reblogging but I thought I had to share this. Now I have some videos to watch!
Happy watching readers 🙂

TED Blog

Reading fiction is an escape, something transportative that pulls you out of everyday life. But don’t we also read fiction to learn more about ourselves — to see our hopes, aspirations and fears reflected in the pages, to gain insight into the confusing mechanics and meaning of love, family and community?

On Thursday night, we held a salon in the TED office called “The Fiction Issue,” to celebrate the season of reading. Curated and hosted by our Editorial Projects Specialist Thu-Huong Ha, the event explored fiction in the past, present and future. For the event, four speakers spoke about the ways that fiction operates in our everyday lives — from how jealousy makes us all into storytellers with a fine-tuned sense of cruelty to the new ways that fiction writers are using digital forms.

Parul Sehgal, an editor of The New York Times Book Review, kicked off the evening…

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