I am really behind with my reviews, posts and reading.

We finally moved back into our house last weekend after being away for ten months. I haven’t been able to find my laptop and my husband can’t find his charger so we are dependant on the iPad for connectivity.

I’m not a fan of using the iPad to post because I can’t format it well or paste from Goodreads.

It is a sort of long weekend here in Melbourne with the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday. This means that I am unlikely to catch up or finish unpacking for at least another week.

Coming soon will be reviews for:
Touch – a great YA novel about family, friendships and family curses.
BZRK reloaded
A Feast for Crows – most frustrating George R R Martin novel so far!
Magic Bites and Magic Burns – I need to review these properly
Dream Student – an audiobook
The Reckless Engineer – I’m about half way through this mystery. I’m eager to see if any of my predictions are right. I’d forgotten how much a love mysteries!

I think that is all I have been reading that I haven’t reviewed.

Happy reading 🙂


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