Holiday reading – didn’t happen

This has been a holiday unlike any other.

To start with I lost my phone somewhere en route to our holiday. So I’ve had a week of no phone and no Internet.

Secondly, I seriously underestimated the challenges of traveling with a 9 month old. It hasn’t so much been a holiday as a relocation of duties.

This has meant for the first time ever – I haven’t finished a single book while on holiday.

There has been been:
* no reading at the airport
* no reading on the plane
* no reading on the balcony
* no reading by the pool
* no reading on the beach
* not even any reading in the car!

At night I have managed to fall into bed with my audiobook but I’m not even making it through a chapter.

I need to go home for a rest!


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One response to “Holiday reading – didn’t happen

  1. Aww that’s sad to hear but I hope you enjoyed your holiday regardless! And at least you’re being a responsible parent!


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