Monthly wrap up: August

Well my August aims weren’t really very specific which makes me feel as though I didn’t achieve much this month.

1. I threw together a bit of an ‘about’ page but it really isn’t great.

2. I started a Goodreads page but I can’t really classify it as ‘up and running’.

3. The TBR shelf is still pretty much a non-existent mess – I need help!

4. I haven’t written and uploaded reviews of all the books I read this month let alone this year!

5. I just spent the morning looking for audiobooks – they are so expensive and the library’s ecollection is 80% crime – not what I want to listen to before bed.

6. I have done a couple of challenges but I want to do some from other blogs not just TDP.

7. I’m really enjoying the collection of blogs I’m following. Feel free to recommend more or a way to better follow blogs from a range of hosts.

I read and reviewed:


For The Birds


The False Prince

The Bookstore

These Broken Stars

Memory’s Wake

Kiera’s Quest

It is so hard to pick a favourite this month so I have two. The best audiobook of the month is Once by Morris Gleitzman. My favourite ebook by a slim margin is Memory’s Wake by Selina Fenech.


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