Updated: Help it’s Friday! A new to-do list.

Following up on Friday’s post Help it’s Friday! A new to-do list..

So far so good! It is Monday and I have already completed:
1. Write a review for Once by Morris Gleitzman

3. Finish reading Kiera’s Quest.

4. Finish listening to The False Prince and write a review.

This just leaves the following to finish by the end of the week:

2. Finish my review of Metatropolis
3. Write a tasteful review of Kiera’s Quest (I didn’t like it)
5. Finish reading Memory’s Wake by Thursday (review due the following Tuesday)
6. Download the next lot of R4R books: All Our Yesterdays, BZRK reloaded, Into the Dark
As always, 7. Organise my To Be Read shelves!!!

So far so good! I think I might stick with the Friday To-Do list idea for at least a month and see how it goes.

Happy reading 🙂


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